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Black Cat Super Healing Salve

Our mission is to make the most effective, natural and cruelty free tattoo aftercare using the finest quality ingredients known to man or beast!!!

The Super Healing Salve was developed by a band of dedicated tattooists working together with a Chinese herbalist and a chemist and is sold in studios all over the world.

The Super Healing Salve is designed to give you the most effective, quickest and efficient heal in the known universe.


Sunflower oil, allantoin, rosemary, calendula, plantain, lavender oil, vitamin E oil & a dab of beeswax for consistency. No synthetic fragrances or colours - no GM - no parabens.


Buy Now buttonApply a small amount (just enough to make tattoo shiny) with clean hands 2/3 times a day after cleansing, wait 5-10 mins, blot excess. meow!!!!