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About Us

We love making aftercare and many moons into the future we want to be sitting in our rocking chair, looking back and be proud of what we have built up and achieved.

Oh, you want to know a little more…

Once upon a time…

Photo of Kristin GunnLadies and gentlemen to your left is the amazing, the beautiful, the fearless Kristin Gunn. She is the founder of Black Cat Tattoo Aftercare.As you can see Kristin is an avid collector of tattoos and throughout the years she has been recommended all types of aftercare products full of chemicals, pore clogging ingredients and pulling agents uurrrrghh!

Tired of this Kristin gathered the expertise of a hand picked team of professional tattooists, a top chemist and a family member that happens to be an awesome Chinese Herbalist and got cracking on the quest for the holy grail that is optimum healing.

Black Cat Tattoo Aftercare was thus born…Owning a tattoo shop in texas and having numerous curious and willing customers made it easy to test and refine and very quickly come up with a recipe that worked surprisingly well.

Customers were amazed at the rapid healing and anti-itching qualities of the soap / salve combo.

In a galaxy far far away...

Not that far really, in fact only a few thousand miles away a student at the time interested in art and the art of tattooing decided he was tired of being skint.

So... after contacting Kristin, he decided to sell his beloved Trace Elliot Bass Combo to fund importing the first batch. Since then it has been going extremely well and to keep up with demand we have started to manufacture here in the UK.

We now supply many tattoo studios and customers here in the UK with our high quality tattoo aftercare product, that is 100% natural, free of parabens, other synthetic ingredients and definitely cruelty free.

Be who you want to be.